Re-imagining wellbeing & safety

one person at a time

Every person in your organisation is living a unique and complex life. It’s only by understanding each person’s situation that collective change can be made.

That’s why Sonder is the trusted partner for some of the world’s most innovative organisations as they evolve how they care and support their people. Empowering organisations with information, tools and services to make a lasting impact on people’s lives.

A third of most organisation’s people suffer in silence

According to the Productivity Commission*, 40.8% of the population experience mental health issues each year. Most organisations treat 6–9% of their people’s mental health^, leaving a third of the organisation without any help.

A proactive, preventative model can recognise when help might be needed, and intervene early, before issues escalate. 

*Australian Government Productivity Commission Report, Jun 2020^ Forbes, Jan 2021

Hidden costs & consequences

When facing mild mental health or medical issues, your people are 50% less productive. Without intervention, absenteeism, presenteeism and claims costs can spiral by up to 20X that of early treatment.

By efficiently responding to crises when they happen, and also proactively caring for people everyday, hidden costs turn into visible benefits.

Sonder combines a tech-first, human-centred approach

Simplifying a complex landscape
  • App - it can start with an alert to inform your team of a safety incident in their area, or an in-app article to help with stress, fatigue or over 50 other topics.
  • Medical & safety experts - live support at the click of a button connects directly to trained professionals for 24/7 human support.
  • In-person support - when physical help is required, the on-the-ground team can be there in minutes, and will stay as long as needed.
  • Data & insights - aggregated data provides insights to reduce people-related risks and drive decision making.

We're not just experts in wellbeing & safety.

We're experts in real people.

Our purpose is to break down barriers to help, providing the right support to people at the right time. Always acknowledging that there are often multiple factors at play, all of which play a part in getting to the root cause of issues, and on a path to wellness.

It takes humans to help other humans. That’s why Sonder is passionate about building a world where people feel accepted, supported, and heard; enabling everyone to live their life with confidence.

“What [Sonder] allows is for people to put their hand up much earlier, and in a less threatening, less vulnerable environment, and have access to the information they need - this is cutting edge”

The Hon. Bronnie Taylor
Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women
NSW Government