The on-demand
support network.

Sonder is purpose built for the urgent and dynamic needs of today's world.

Our level of support spans across the psychological and the physical, offering both preventative and responsive solutions.

We offer support that's available 24/7 for situations of high mental stress through to acute mental crisis and in circumstances ranging from preventative safety through to the risk of physical harm.

Mental health and physical safety support

Support every minute of every day

Dedicated safety and wellbeing technology gives confidence you are in safe hands. Alerts, environmental scanning and a direct line to our 24/7 help centre mean you're always looked after.

Support Center

Human help in an instant

24/7 support from people with specialist emergency response and mental health first-aid training.

Response Officers

By your side in minutes

Our in-person support team with experience in emergency services provide emotional support, ease risky situations and get you further help should there be an emergency.

Mental health physical safety support app

24/7 Support

You're connected every minute of the day.

Our technology is dedicated to safety - giving our members confidence that they're in safe hands. Risk alerts, geo-location and a direct line to our 24/7 operations centre means that as soon as our members need help - they can get it.