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24/7, on-demand support for students and staff

Sonder is the partner of choice for over 40 universities and education providers across Australia and New Zealand.

We support more than 150,000 students in situations that span from mental fitness to physical threat, delivered in the form of preventative care or quick response. Sonder support is multi-lingual, around the clock and delivered at the point of need - whether that is on or off campus.

The PIE Perspectives

COVID-19 mental health

Coronavirus has increased mental health challenges for international students and changed how support is delivered. In this episode of The PIE perspectives, Head of Education Joanna Storti, talks about how Sonder’s technology can be leveraged to provide 24/7 on-demand support.

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UP Education

Support far from home

Living far from home during the pandemic has been a source of anxiety and stress for international students. Stuff spoke with Sonder on a new strategic partnership with UP Education - reducing mental health challenges for students throughout  24/7 on-demand support.

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Destination ANZ

Students with access to Sonder say they feel safer and less anxious knowing they've got someone looking out of them.

Australia and New Zealand already have an advantage over other international destinations in terms of perceptions of safety. With enhanced safety and wellbeing support from Sonder, we aim to extend that destination advantage even further.

Quarantine support

Sonder is actively supporting university and accomodation partners with students who needed to self isolate or quarantine upon return to Australia. The Sonder network provides mental health support, and practical support - including daily welfare checks, triage of medical needs and in-person delivery of food or essential items.

On and off campus

Sonder provides mental health and safety support around the clock - on and off campus.

Most incidents requiring urgent support happen out-of hours, at night or on weekends. Sonder support is 24/7 - available whenever and wherever it is needed.

“8 out of 10 students feel safer knowing they are supported by Sonder.”

Mark Rushworth
Group Chief Executive,
UP Education


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