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Employee support on-demand

24/7 support that reduces risk to your people no matter where they are

Sonder helps businesses manage the risk of harm to their people - around the clock, in and out of the office and across a wide spectrum of needs.

Whether working from home, commuting to the office or operating as usual, your teams will have 24/7 access to 100% human help at the touch of a button. A qualified, experienced team will respond in seconds to get the right help to your people within minutes - no matter what the situation.

Future of work

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Help your team survive and thrive in the new normal. Enterprise and technology expert, David Watson, provides insight on how leading companies are leveraging technology and world-class processes, to support the safety and wellbeing of their people, during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Daily Telegraph

Sonder in the workplace

COVID-19 has seen a shift to working remotely and a 91% increase in mental health support cases. The Daily Telegraph spoke with co-founder Christopher Marr on how Sonder can support your people 24/7 at the touch of a button.

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Technology enabled

A tech-enabled on-demand support network that provides help at the touch of a button via app, phone or in-person. Sonder is purpose built for scale and immediacy. Our tech platform is backed by highly trained mental health and emergency services personnel who can understand and support the needs of every employee. Every time.

> Reduced cost of psychological claims
> Reduction in unplanned leave & overtime loading

Single pathway

A single pathway to on-demand support for the total spectrum of mental health and physical safety needs of your employees. Many companies experience low engagement with EAP and have built out a patchwork of support offerings. Sonder can offer a simple and effective single pathway into all employee support. One touch support, on-demand – every minute of every day.

> Single pathway reduces total cost of delivery
> Increased EAP engagement, workforce resilience

New data

New model of on-demand support via 3 touch points (app, phone, in-person) generates new data & insights on engagement in preventative & responsive support. Data on: support type and outcome; in and out of office; by channel; by time and by location.

> Better precursor event data to aid prevention
> Better needs data for health & wellbeing compliance

“The Sonder team saved a life by being available, immediate and responsive.”

Dr Alexander Lim
Consultant Psychiatrist,
Zed Three Specialist Clinic


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