& Conditions


Sonder (as defined below) (“Sonder” or “us” or “our” or “we”) provides a personal support service which offers on-demand, professional and personalised assistance to registered subscribers in Australia and New Zealand (the “Service”). The Service is primarily provided through a mobile application developed by Sonder (the “Sonder App”).As a condition of using the Service (which includes the Sonder App), Sonder requires each person to become a registered member of the Service (“Members” or “you” or “your”) by registering an account with Sonder. In doing so, you are deemed to accept the terms and conditions set out in these Terms of Service (the “Sonder Terms”) and any of our Policies (as defined below), which together create a binding, legal agreement between Sonder and each Member (the “Sonder Service Agreement”).


1.1 Sonder provides the Service solely in accordance with, and your use of the Service is solely governed by, the Sonder Service Agreement.

1.2 The Service is a personal support service, which is provided primarily through the Sonder App, with the following attributes, features and functionalities (which are subject to the limitations, restrictions and other conditions as set out in the Sonder Service Agreement and subject always to your applicable Subscription Plan):(a) the provision of general information that we believe will be of interest and assistance to Members whilst they are residing in their Nominated Country;(b) the provision of personalised information and assistance to Members in relation to essential living issues in their Nominated Country;(c) the provision of information and assistance in situations regarded by us as being critical situations (see our Fair Use Policy for more details), including the provision of various security features via the Sonder App and assisting Members in their dealings with third party emergency service providers;(d) where appropriate, providing telephone, real-time and/or interactive assistance remotely in regards to one or more of the above matters;(e) where appropriate, providing in-person support and assistance via a “Personal Liaison Officer” to Members whilst resident in their Nominated Country in regards to one or more of the above matters (for more details regarding our in-person support, see our Fair Use Policy and Subscription Plans); and(f) any other attributes, features and functionalities that we introduce from time to time, including features to facilitate the communication and exchange of information between Members.

1.3 Some attributes, features and functionalities may only be available during certain hours of the day, at certain locations or when a specific event occurs, or may only be available to certain Members because of their status or because of the type of Subscription Plan for which they have subscribed.

1.4 The Service may change over time without notice to you, including its attributes, features and functionalities, as a result of developments, modifications, upgrades, repairs or any other maintenance, or the application of any Local Laws. Members are responsible for determining how any changes to the Service affect their use of the Service. The Service may also be affected from time to time, including being unavailable or unresponsive, due to upgrades, repairs or any other maintenance.

1.5 Sonder will use its reasonable commercial endeavours to provide the Service. Sonder will not be liable for a failure to provide the Service to the extent that such failure is outside of its control. You acknowledge that certain attributes, features and functionalities may not always be available, either at all or to some extent, depending on the particular circumstances at the relevant time or as a result of your actions (or inactions).

1.6 The Service is an information and support service targeted at assisting Members whilst residing in their Nominated Country (and only whilst they are physically in their Nominated Country) with essential living matters and certain critical situations. The Service is not intended to be, and will not be operated as, a personal butler or concierge service, or to provide urgent emergency response services to Members where there is actual, or an immediate threat of, harm or injury to a Member (and/or damage to a Member’s property), or medical and/or other professional services (such legal and accounting services). Further, the Service is provided primarily remotely via the Sonder App, with some limited in-person support being provided by appropriate Sonder personnel referred to as a Liaison Officer. Neither Sonder nor the Service provides any kinds of financial, accounting, investment, taxation, legal, medical, mental health, health or other professional services (for more information about the kinds of services that we do not provide, and the limitations and conditions on the services that we provide, please see our Fair Use Policy). Sonder does not provide professional advice or services of the kind offered by a medical practitioner or healthcare professional. For the avoidance of doubt, a medical practitioner or healthcare professional includes any person who offers advice or services in any of the following fields (regardless of whether that person is licensed, permitted or registered in Australia, New Zealand or any other jurisdiction to provide such advice and/or service): medical doctor, mental health practitioner, nursing, emergency medical services, surgery, intensive medical care, palliative care, paediatrics, midwifery, obstetrics, anaesthesia, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, radiology, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, speech pathology, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, pharmacy, dietetics or any other fields of alternative medicine.